JTV is proud to work with another great local company and great family as well. Bailey Excavating and JTV partnered together to build a snazzy new one-page company website. Collecting historical company information, photos of the facility, vehicles, etc. and family history was the bulk of the work for this build. After that, we decided on a style that we liked and finished the site in about 4 weeks. Anytime Bailey Excavating finishes a new project around Jackson, we are there to photograph their work and add it to the website!

Check out the new site here.

Bailey Excavating

Founded by William Bailey in 1973

Bailey Excavating started as a mostly residential construction business, but later expanded to commercial sized projects.

Bailey Excavating is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality service to their customers. They have built a reputation of excellence, by completing projects professionally, and within the scheduled timeline. All of our employees are experienced, and trained in construction safety. M

Site Development, Parking Lots, Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Watermain, and Road Building

Vital services to any city or residential project, from a company with expert level knowledge and experience.

We have tackled nearly every style project in the industry over the last 45+ years. This has allowed us to make lasting relationships with suppliers who offer the best products at low prices, as well as earn the trust and respect that comes with the quality service that we guarantee.